“Las Mujeres de Hip Hop Cubano” Tour stopping by SOBs, April 3rd 2007.”

New York City, New York - A tour highlighting women and Hip-hop culture in Cuba explodes onto the NYC hip-hop scene in the form of lyrics, beats, music, spoken word, art and activism come March 21 until April 9, 2007. Las Mujeres de Hip-Hop Cubano: Omega Kilay [The Woman of Cuban Hip-Hop] Tour will showcase three important groups out of Cuba: Las Krudas, a trio who rap about their personal politics, realities of their situation as Cubans in exile and activism, Leidis, a DJ and influential spoken word artist and poet and Magyori aka La Llave, “the key” to a dynamic hip-hop crew EPG, out of 19th and 10th Street Vedado, Havana. The tour will culminate with a performance event that will take place at the legendary music venue, Sounds of Brazil [SOBs] on April 3rd, 2007, located at 204 Varick Street at West Houston.

Omega Kilay represents the collective these women have formed along with other Cuban hip-hop artists who share the same vision. “Our purpose is to highlight the rights of women in whichever medium through our voices, because there is no revolution without women,” says DJ Leidis. With that in mind, Omega Kilay work together to express their strong views, participating in panels, lectures and performances in unity and solidarity with each other.


Las Krudas
are MC’s/Rappers out of Havana, Cuba. Krudas Cubensi is: Wanda Kruda, Pasa Kruda, Pelusa Kruda, three women who unite through their strength, energy, love, and activist spirit. The group was formed in 2000 and have participated in all the International Hip Hop Festivals in Cuba, as well as the Montreal Pop Festival (2005) and the Queer Music Festival (Tennessee, 2006). In 2002, they made their first record, Krudas Cubensi (Independent). Las Krudas have concentrated their mission towards fighting for the rights of women through the arts and activism. They are currently on tour in the US with the group, Antibalas.


Leidis Freire Pena
, a Poet/DJ/Performer, from Camaguey, Cuba. She became involved in the Cuban Hip Hop movement during it's inception in Havana and helped organize events, community shows, and the Omega Kilay collective. Leidis created the first all-female DJ mixtape and has performed across Cuba as a talented spoken word artist. She has also appeared in such critically acclaimed documentaries as, Inventos: Hip Hop Cubano, Jovenes Rebeldes y Mi Revolution, and continues to be an articulate contributor to Cuban Hip Hop culture. Having recently moved to the United States, she currently resides in the Bay Area in San Francisco.

Magyori of EPG, is an MC/Rapper who became a part of the Cuban Hip Hop movement in 1998. She is a member of one of the most famous and influential Hip Hop groups in Cuba, EPG. Magyori has been a part of many Cuban Hip Hop projects including El Cartel, I and I, True Life and Omegas Kilay. She has also been featured in "Inventos" and most recently, the acclaimed documentary, "East of Havana.” When asked about her future she says, “I will keep on with the struggle and communicating my message though a mic to keep on defending our hip hop music.”